Know More About Form 1099-MISC and Form W-2


When it comes to paying a worker with exchange to the services that they give, it is really important for the business owner to know the difference between a Form 1099-MISC and a Form W-2 wherein both have critical differences with each other and both have differences when it comes to calculations.

 It is really important for every business owner who gives money to their employees that a Form W-2 is only issued to employees at the end of the year.  It is rest assured that the employee who will be the recipient of the form will receive it by January 31 of the following year. It contains critical payroll information that each employee needs to file his/her personal income tax return, such as gross wages, salaries and other forms of compensation; federal income tax withholdings; Social Security tax withholdings; Medicare tax withholdings; state and/or local income tax withholdings; retirement plan contributions, such as payments into the employee’s 401(k) plan or other employer sponsored plan; and other employee benefit information. How To Calculate Tax On 1099-MISC Income?

 A Form W-2 in indeed very important most especially when an employee prepares a federal or state personal income tax return.  There are certainly a lot of things that an employee must do upon receiving the form, that is why it is really important that the Form W-2 must already be prepared ahead of time. Once an employee receives the W-2, he can file his 1099-MISC Tax return and get his long-awaited tax refund check from the IRS.

 However, it is not only the Form W-2 which are given on the 31st of January of the following year, but also the Form 1099-MISC, but the Form 1099-MISC is only gives to independent contractors, not employees. Here’s another significant difference between W-2?s and 1099?s – a W-2 must be issued to every employee regardless of how much wages he/she received. Even if an employee worked only a few hours and made just $50, you must still give him a W-2.  The case is definitely different with the Form 1099-MISC because the employee must really work worth $600 or more.

 It has been reported that there is only one dollar amount of the total annual payments made to an individual if a Form 1099-MISC is being issued.  Keep in mind that taxes should not be withheld for those payments at all cost.  Simply saying, the difference of an independent contractor is that, he or she is self employed and also capable of calculating his or her own taxes, may it be in state or federal, and same goes along with the other taxes that the individual contractor faces. Be sure to check out this website at and know more about taxes.

Easy Ways to Calculate your 1099-MISC Income Forms


Taxes are considered to be one fact in life that you simply cannot deny. It’s actually something that you cannot avoid. When you are a self-employed individual, it’s actually your obligation to make sure that your credit responsibilities are all in check. Because you are a 1099-MISC income earner, it’s a requirement to show proof of income for our taxation laws, insurance purposes as well as for loans. When you are a freelancer, the 1099-MISC Taxes which you pay will go to Social Security and also in Medicare. In case you are wondering as to what is a 1099-MISC form which you have obtained, below would be some things that you should know about it.

All self-employed individuals are known to as the 1099-MISC income earners are required to pay tax during each quarter to the IRS. In every January, you will be receiving a 1099-MISC form in the mail from each of the company that you worked for in the previous years. If you ever have worked for more than one company in a year, you will also be getting multiple 1099 MISC forms.

In every form, you will see a certain amount in Box 7, which actually is the overall amount which were remunerated by an employer, which means that you will have to pay tax on this amount. You have to take note that it is your responsibility on staying on top of your credit responsibilities when you ever fail in the income bracket.

When filling a form, the company which you have worked for throughout the entire year will do the total of your earnings on each of the 1099 MISC form. This is actually why it is important that you will also collect and track your earnings. For more facts about taxes, visit this website at

How to Calculate your Tax in a 1099-MISC Income

1st Procedure

Total your income amounts on the 1099 MISC form that you have and if ever you have more than one form, combine the total income on all of the forms. Learn more on how to Calculate 1099-MISC Taxes.

2nd Process

Total the business expenditures that you also have kept track of and then subtract it from the total income you have because this will bring you to your net income.

3rd Process

Multiply on the net income amount by 0.9235 in order for you to end up with your taxable income.

4th Procedure

You should check the IRS tax table for the amount of tax which you owe on your taxable income. You should bear in mind that tax schedule will actually vary from each state.

You can actually now submit your 1099 MISC form electronically and payments need to be made by 8pm before January 31.

Calculate Tax on 1099-MISC


Either self employed or working as an independent contractor for the past few years, then rest assure to receive a 1099-MISC tax form. As a matter of fact, the IRS refer this as non employee compensation. If for example that your clients are paying you above 600 dollars, then they should be issuing you a 1099-MISC form. As being self employed, you have to report yourself to the employment income if the amount you get from all sources have totaled to 400 dollars or maybe more.

In relation to this, the process of filing and calculating tax on 1099-MISC tax is going to be different in comparison to taxpayers who receive regular employment income that’s reported on W-2. But what others don’t know is that, they can reap a number of benefits by filing tax on 1099-MISC.

Taking deductions – one of the greatest things when it comes to receiving 1099-MISC compared to a w-2 is the fact that you are able to claim deduction as per your Schedule C. Here you use it to be able to calculate tax on 1099-MISC and know your net profit from being self-employed. However, you should set the deductions as business expense because this is the only way for the IRS to consider it as necessary for the activities you do as a self employed. Read more about 1099-MISC Taxation here.

Expense is ordinary if it’s incurred by self-employed worker in similar field – if expenses are needed to complete your job, then that’s considered necessary. Expenses don’t need to be essential for it to be necessary. To give you an example, the cost of buying a sophisticated and high-end computer software is a necessary expense for freelance graphic designers. The cost of getting a limousine service to go to your clients on the other hand may be useful but it is not ordinary by tax standards. Check out this website at and learn more about taxes.

You can also file shorter Schedule C-EZ if for example that your business rakes expenses of 5000 dollars or less. It doesn’t matter if you’re making use of Schedule C or C-EZ because at the end of the day, you have to calculate tax on 1099-MISC and then, subtract all deductible business expenses that you have incurred. Then, your final net profit should be transferred to a Form 1040 and have it combined with other earnings in order to figure out your taxable income.

Since you’re a self-employed individual, you take the responsibility to pay for Medicare and Social Security taxes. Since your 1099-MISC Tax on the other hand is not subjected to self employment tax withholding, then you must calculate and pay such taxes on your own. Only the net profit reported on Schedule C is calculated to self employment taxes on Schedule SE.

Benefits That  You Will Have If You Hire a Professional to Calculate Tax on 1099-Misc Income


Basically having an expert o can file and calculate your income tax is better than when you have to do it yourself .  Basically you can’t compare the work that can be done by an expert with that you can do especially if you don’t have a basic idea of how to go about it .

 The following are the significance of Hiring  a professional who can calculate  tax on 1099- MISC income .  There are some burdens that you don’t deserve to bear them and especially when there is someone who is willing to lend you hand on that.  Matters to  do with income taxes is something that need to be handled by an expert so that he can able to relive you the burden and also you may have the peace of mind that you may be looking for .

 Having your income taxes being handled by an expert will help you to eliminate or reduce errors that may have occurred.   You find that the tax liability that one may occur after making any errors when calculating the incomes taxes may be so huge than what you would have paid for an expert to do that work. Know more about taxes at

 The benefit of having to work with a tax expert is that he will not only  Calculate 1099-MISC Taxes for you but also he will assist you on how to go about it and also  some other advice that you may require on the same  regards .  Basically having to work with a tax expert tags along so many benefits since this is a person who has not only the knowledge and skills in matters to do with taxes but also the experience.

You find that calculating taxes sometimes maybe hectic and to some extent, it may make you lose that peace of mind as you try to figure it how you will go about it, it’s for that reason that you need an expert who can do that work with no worries.  Sometimes paying taxes may be costly but when you hire an expert he can able to guide you on how you can saves taxes so that you do end up paying so much for that matter. How To Calculate Tax On 1099-MISC Income.

  You find that calculation of taxes may take a lot of time to calculate but when you have an expert you can time to another matter of importance.  You find that as long as you have income that is coming you will keep on paying for the taxes and that is why hiring an expert from the word go will help you to have a long-term relationship with his far as taxes are concerned and as a result enjoy many benefits.  Having a tax expert to calculate your taxes will assure you the accuracy as well so many worries .

How To Properly Compute 1099-MISC Income Taxation


It goes without saying that as a citizen of your local government, you would have to pay for taxes they impose once you are already earning money for yourself. There are many out there who would surely agree to this and this also goes true for those who are self-employed who needs to make sure that they keep their credits properly checked at all times. When you’re receiving income from self-employment, you would have to ensure that you are meeting the 1099-MISC Taxation if you want to have a bite of some of the government’s many benefits which include insurances, loans and more.

Regardless if your current source of income is through working on a freelance job or through a business you’ve setup, it is important that you work on finishing your 1099-MISC at all times and answer to your tax responsibilities. These taxes are imposed on the total amount of income you’ve had on a set duration of time and it is ideal that you are able to track them down and have proof for them in order to have an easier time calculator your 1099-MISC Tax. Even if you keep your transactions on constant check and record, it is highly likely that you’ll still find it hard to know what your 10990-MISC tax is. Here’s how to calculate tax on 1099-MISC which  you should know more about.

It is possible that one would be able to receive multiple 1099-MISC forms and the first step to properly calculate 1099-MISC Taxes is to calculate those forms you have received. You should place emphasis on calculating the right amount of income you have gained.

Once you’ve calculated your total income, the computation for the net income comes next. When computing net income, it is important that you have an accurate understanding of your expenses as it will be used for the computation of the net income. You would have to make sure that you deduct your income with the expenses you’ve had for that time to gain the net income.

The net income of course, isn’t the basis for the tax you’ll have to pay and this is where you would have to compute for the taxable income. From the net income, you would be able to land your taxable income by multiple 0.9235 to the net income you have just computed. For your 1099-MISC Income tax, the taxable income will be the grounds as to how much you’ll be responsible of paying to the government.

The computation still isn’t finish when you get the taxable income as you would still have to make sure that you accurate compute the tax you’ll have to pay from there. Bear in mind that there are several reasons for people to have diverse taxes – it could be due to the government or due to the amount of income you have, so make sure that you are prudent when making the computation. Learn more about taxes at